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How to Create PDF from Image? Image To PDFConverter

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How to convert photo to pdf?

Do you want to know how to make photo PDF file in mobile ?
In this post, you will learn how to convert anyone or many images into a pdf file.
Sometimes we take photos of some important notes or documents inour mobile.
If you want to convert many photos into a single pdf file, then I will share the trick with you.
In this way, you will be able to share many photos with anyone very easily by converting them to pdf.
And you will also be able to save pdf files in your phone.
By taking a photo of any forms, pictures, receipts, notes in your phone, you can scan it in a pdf file.

Why is it important to convert Photos to PDF?

If you are a student, then many times you have to make notes for your subject, so that you take many photos of your book or copy one by one, it is very diffi cult to find these photos, so your studies are not done properly. .

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How to make photo PDF?
Photo Ko PDF Kaise Banaye?
1. First of all, take a photo of any document or notes you want to make PDF of your smartphone one byone, which is in .JPG format.
2. After that if you want to create PDF through computer then fi rst transfer all the photos taken in yourcomputer and if you want to create PDF from your smartphone then leave it in mobile….
3. Now you open any one Internet browser in your computer or mobile and type
in its URLbar and search….
4. After that a site named Smallpdf will open in front of you…. whose interface will look something likethis…
5. Click on “Explore All PDF Tool” option here (Note- this option will not be visible in case of mobile)….
6. After that you will see all the tools available on the Smallpdf site
7. Out of these you click on JPG to PDF tool….
8. Here you upload the JPG fi le (Photo) of the document by clicking on “Choose File”…. Apart from this, youalso get the facility to upload fi les from Dropbox, Google Drive, Smallpdf….
9.(If you are working on computer then you can also upload JPG fi le by Drag & Drop)
10. Here your uploaded image will also appear, in this you can upload more images by clicking on AddFile….
11. When your complete fi le is uploaded then you click on “Convert”….
12. After that in a few seconds your entire JPG fi le will be converted into a single PDF and you will be given the download option….
13. Here you can download your PDF by clicking on “Download”…. Apart from this, you can also upload fi lesto Dropbox, Google Drive, Smallpdf….
14. In this you also get the option to create a link to the PDF file, for this you click on the Link Icon button next to Download.

Method.2 – Create PDF in Android App.
First of all install ‘IMG2PDF’ in your mobile.
By the way, this app is very popular and is generally available in all your phones.
If not, you can download itfrom play store.
Note: Your app should be updated.
If there is no update then update it..
Open the app.
Then in the upper left side, you will see an icon of IMAGE, click on it.
After this click on the option of IMAGE.
As soon as you click on the option of IMG, you will open the gallery, select the photo from the gallery which you want to make PDF.
5. After that click on “Convert to PDF”, now select the size, and click on Ok
Now you have learned how to create PDF from photos.
In this way, using website and app, you can convertimage to pdf fi le.
Changing jpg to pdf can be very useful for us.
I hope you liked this post How to make PDFfi le from Image

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