How to Restore Gmail’s Missing Dark Mode on Android

As an iPhone user with a Gmail address, I’m jealous of all Android owners who use Dark Mode in the Gmail app. Although Google claims that such magic is available on iOS, I have never seen the option – I’m not alone. I admire Scottenford a little on recent reports that Dark Mode has become too much of a hassle in some cases of the Gmail processor on Android.

How to Restore Gmail's Missing Dark Mode on Android

Don’t worry, Android users: this does not seem to be a permanent change, just a bug. This is undoubtedly a confusing and annoying one; No matter what system theme you choose for Android, the Lite theme will continue in Gmail.

There is no clear solution for retrieving the Dark Mode toggle in Gmail (via Hamburger Icon> Settings> General Settings> Theme). If this fails you, first restart your Android mobile and pull up the Gmail app once again.

You can also test forcibly closing the Gmail app via Settings> Apps & Notifications Gmail> Force Stop (in my pixel, at least; the exact steps for your particular Android may vary). For faster options, long press the application icon and tap the info icon. If Dark Mode cannot be restored because the processor is closed, you can also try clearing the app’s cache (via the “Save & Cache” menu).

You can also try to force dark mode via developer options. To open Developer Options, drag Settings> “About Phone” up, scroll down, and tap Create Number several times. Go to the Main Settings screen, tap on System, tap Advanced, and tap on Developer Options (again, in a pixel; your steps may vary). Once there, locate the “Hardware Accelerated Rendering” section and select “Override Force-Dark”. It may make some of your other apps ugly, but if it currently brings back the dark mode in your Gmail, it’s fair trade.

If none of these options work, you can try using another email application until Google fixes it. Outlook and Spark are two great alternatives that come with darker modes. Nothing is better than an annoying, bright screen, even if it feels like giving up.

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