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Thop TV App Download | Quick Information

App Name Top TV Pro
Version v24.2
Last Update Thursday, 10th November 2022 (1 Day Ago)
Size 48.2 MB
Available for Android, iOS
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What is Thop TV Apk? , What is Thop TV App?

Thop TV is an app with the help of which you will be able to watch Movies, TV Serials, Shows, Live cricket, Web Series, Live other game’s etc. Today many people download Thop TV so that they can enjoy all these things for free. Thop TV app is a very popular app in today’s time. The specialty of this app is that people can enjoy IPL live match on it without any charge i.e. free of cost. In short words, it is a free IPL watching app . 

Many people search Google’s Play Store to use Thop TV App. But this app is not actually available on play store. In such a situation, if you are willing to download Thop TV App , then we will tell you how to download Thop TV App here in a very easy way .

Thop TV App Download: What is the right way to download Thop TV App?

As I have already told you, Thop TV is a very popular platform where users can watch free cricket matches, movies, TV serials etc. for their entertainment, but let us tell you that this is only for Android users. You can also download Thop TV through this app from the official site.

If you want to download Thop TV App Free, then for this step by step process to download Thop TV is given below.

Step1 : First of all, search Thop TV App in Google and as soon as the first result appears, click on it.

Step 2 : Right after that search for Download Button and click on it.

Step 3 : Now you will see that Thop TV App will start downloading.

Now next to this you have to install Thop TV App, so let’s know how Thop TV App is installed ?

How to Install Thop TV App?

If you have downloaded Thop TV then now it is your turn to install it. You can install Thop TV App by following the process given below.

Step 1 : After downloading Thop TV, you have to click on Downloaded APK File.

Step 2 : In the further process, you have to click on install and if the install is not being done due to any reason then you have to do setting for this.

Step 3: To install Thop TV, first you have to enable Unknown Source Install by going to Settings. After that come back and click on Install.

After this you will find that Thop TV app will have been installed in the mobile. Now you will be able to watch IPL live matches on Thop TV for free. Now let’s know how to watch IPL for free on Thop TV App?

How to Watch Cricket Free on Thop TV App?

After downloading Thop TV App you can enjoy cricket match. If you do not have any idea about how to watch free cricket matches on Thop TV, then you can follow the process given below for this.

  1. Download Thop TV App and open it.
  2. Search by typing star sports in the search box.
  3. After that Star Sports channel will come, now just click on the channel on which you want to watch cricket match and live cricket match will start playing in front of you.

Features of Thop TV Apk | Top Features of Thop TV App

Here are the important features of Thop TV App:

  1. Subtitles

While watching any movie, if we do not understand its language, then Thop TV provides subtitles for that which is very helpful for the users, especially when we watch foreign language movies, then subtitles help us a lot in understanding the language. does.

  1. Favorite list 

It happens many times that when we are watching some shows or movies and in between we like some other shows or movies, in such situation Thop TV provides us a list facility which we can name as favorite list. In which you can save it and watch it later.

  1. Supports all Android version

Thop TV  is supported for any type of android devices like mobile tablet users can use it without any problem in their android device if users still have any problem then download jokes smoothly and easily Works on any Android device.

  1.  There are many sports channels available on Thop TV

A lot of people like sports and they love watching different types of sports. That’s why let me tell that Thop TV has access to many sports channels around the world, so Thop TV will get many sports channels from which you can watch any sport live.

  1. No monthly subscription (Absolutely Free)

 At the time of lockdown, when people used to get bored sitting in the house and money was tight, then many people could not take subscription on Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, due to which they used to get bored at such times like imposed TV. The website showed its power and announced to give free facility to people on its app thop tv like Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, TV serials, TV shows, many types of live games thop tv said that it is absolutely free website on this You do not need to take monthly or yearly subscription, we will provide it for free.

  1. 500 Indian Channels on Thop TV

There are many people around the world who love to watch Indian channels, so Thop TV has put 500 different types of Indian channels for its user, which include movies related, comedy related, many types of TV shows related. , Ranked 500 apps of all types related to sports, cartoons etc.

  1. Thop TV HD streaming

It is the choice of people to watch good things that are clear and clear, so Thop TV displays any kind of shows or games or movies in HD streaming or quality, all in HD quality to maintain its quality. On Thop TV, you will get the option to change the quality like 1080p, 720p, 360p, 240p etc. You can easily watch Thop TV free in any format.

  1. Thop TV : Movies & TV Channels

Thop TV has a large number of 3000 channels from all over the world. Which you can easily see in different quality. Thop TV is a better option for those people who are not able to subscribe on big application like Netflix Amazon Prime Hotstar or it provides free to those people all types of movies, all types of live games, cartoons, TV available on 3000 channels for free. , TV Serials, and many more.

  1. customer service chat

wow, one is all the facilities for free and if the user has any problem in using the Thop TV app, then you can solve your problem through customer service chat and let me tell you the customer of Thop TV Service Chat is open 24/7. For any kind of problem related to Thop TV like downloading and installation related problem or Thop TV app is not working or any kind of charges related problem you can ask.

Does Thop TV support cast and firestick?

Yes, Thop TV supports cast and firestick Chuki Thop TV is mainly designed for mobiles and tablets like Android but if a customer wants to use Thop TV on his TV then cast and Thop TV with the help of firestick. TV, with the help of which he can watch everything that he used to watch on his mobile for free on TV.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Thop TV App Download

What is Thop TV Pro Apk?

Thop TV is an Android App that you can use in mobile or tablet and with the help of this app you can watch Live Cricket or any movies etc. for free.

How to Download Thop TV App?

To download Thop Tv App, you can go to its official site or download Thop Tv App by clicking on the download link of Thop Tv App given in this post.

Is Thop TV an Indian app?

No Thop TV is a Chinese app but Thop TV has 500+ Indian channels available.

Why Thop TV App is not available on Play Store?

Let us tell you that Thop TV is an app where you can get free things which are premium. This is a kind of piracy. Since this app supports piracy, it has been removed from the Play Store.

Why is thop tv not working?

Initially there was some error in Thop TV but it has been updated now any problem related to the error not show on Thop TV. Still if there is any problem then uninstall the old Thop TV and download and install it again. Then the problem will not come.

How Android App Permissions Required to Download ThopTV Apk?

The application requires access to the system of some devices. As soon as an application is installed, you will be notified about all the permissions it requires.

Download Thop TV

Animated Icons – Make your home

About this app

Animated Icons make your app icons look fabulous by animating them with several unique and beautiful animations.

You can animate your icons by long-pressing on an empty area on your home screen. When you will long-press, a menu will pop up from where you will select ‘Widgets’ or something similar.

>> Then you will be presented with a list of widgets, from which list you will select ‘Animated Icons’.

>> Then you will select the app whose icon you wish to animate.

>> Then you will choose your favourite animation, and voila!
Enjoy the animated icons!

Bonus Tip: You can also resize the widget in some launchers to enjoy super large icons with more HD animations!

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You must have heard the name of antivirus software which eliminates the virus coming in your computer or mobile, in the same way ccleaner is not a kind of antivirus, but it is the software and mobile apps that you delete by you. , but even after that some files remain in your mobile or computer, which we call unwanted files, which you will not be able to delete in a simple way, for this you will need a mobile app or software which we can call ccleaner , By which frees up some space on your mobile, and speed is increased, C Cleaner permanently deletes the remaining files and #windows registry files in your mobile. It was first made for #microsoft windows but in 2014 it is also being used in android mobiles.

Ccleaner App

C Cleaner was earlier known as #Crap Cleaner which was made by Piriform Company, later it was bought by Avast Company in 2017. It was first launched in 2004 for Microsoft Windows. By the end of 2014, it was also launched for the Android mobile operating system.

Features of CCleaner | Features of Ccleaner

The main function of C Cleaner is to clean browsing history, cookies and recycle bin files saved by Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, YouTube and other applications, there is also a program named Registry Cleaner, which will help you to save the windows present in your mobile. Corrects registry files, and its function is to correct DLLs, references as well.

How do I download and install CCleaner Android? 

I have made some steps to install CCleaner , using which you can easily download it from Google play store or other app store and use it.

Step 1 | install Ccleaner


To install CC Cleaner, first of all you have to type ccleaner  in googel play store in your android mobile operating system ,  as soon as you type CC Cleaner, you will have CC Cleaner logo, you have to click on install button, click install button Once done, ccleaner will start installing.

Step 2 | How to use ccleaner


After CC Cleaner is installed, an icon of CC Cleaner will appear on the desktop of your mobile, after clicking which you will have a window open in which you have to click on the first option Give us access , after clicking which you will have the next  window . In the next window that will come to you, you have to allow user data to CC Cleaner, you  can also make it Not allowed .


After completing all these processes, you will see that the speed of your mobile has increased suddenly, this is the wonder of CC Cleaner.

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
About this app

Is your Android phone or tablet full of junk and running slowly?

Clean, optimize and boost the performance of your device with CCleaner for Android!

Brought to you from the makers of the world’s most popular PC and Mac cleaning software, CCleaner for Android is the ultimate Android optimizer. Quickly and easily remove junk, reclaim space, clean RAM, monitor your system and more, and truly master your device.

Optimize, Clean, and Master
• Speed up your phone and clean junk safely
• Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more

Reclaim Storage Space
• Analyze and optimize valuable storage space
• Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications
• Clear junk, such as obsolete and residual files

Speed up your Device
• Quickly stop running tasks and clean memory with Task Killer (RAM Booster)
• App Hibernation feature, to stop apps from running in the background until you manually open them

Boost Performance and Battery Life
• Disable functions you don’t use
• Clean your RAM
• Set profiles to auto-adjust battery usage for home, work, or car

Analyze Applications’ Impact
• Determine the impact of individual apps on your device
• Check which apps consume your data
• Find apps draining your battery
• Discover unused apps with App Manager

Optimize Photo Storage
• Find and remove similar, old, and poor quality (too bright, dark, or unfocused) photos
• Optimize file sizes with Low, Moderate, High, and Aggressive file compression, and move originals into cloud storage
• Delete photos from private chats

Monitor your System
• Check the usage of your CPU
• Master your RAM and internal storage space
• Check out your battery levels and temperature

Easy to Use
• Optimize your Android in just a few clicks
• Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate
• Fast, compact and efficient, with low RAM and CPU usage
• Choose the color theme you like most

Disclaimer: Certain battery profiles are automatically triggered based on your device’s location, which requires access to location data we’ll be using in the background. We’ll ask for permission to access this data before using it.

This app uses Accessibility permission to assist disabled and other users stop all background apps with just one tap.


Nowadays everyone is using mobile mostly, due to which rust files keep getting saved in your mobile, to remove which you need mobile apps like CC Cleaner which can remove your files easily, this free of cost mobile app Which you can easily download by the steps given by me, if you like my post, then like it and forward it to your friends.

Download Now


As far as we know, music has always been a part of our lives. Looking back at the history of music, songs, sounds, and beats have been used and enjoyed by nearly everyone. We use music as a form of entertainment, therapy, sanctuary, closure, and other applications. But, what about on the visual side? If there was a way to be visually pleased, alongside your music, wouldn’t you want that? Download Muviz Edge for Android to get the best visual music experience around.

The First of its Kind – Customize and Choose a Color Palette

Muviz Edge for Android allows users to customize their own visualizer designs. These are offered through various packs that can be selected at any time. Match your own style and choose what seem right for you!

Muviz Edge Mod Apk

In addition, colors can be applied for various applications. Have you ever used a visualizer app before? Probably not, because this is the first of its kind! Use different color palettes for:




  • Add color palettes to your music album cover, album art, and track art to the songs that are currently playing on your Android.
  • Have them automatically added and applied onto your current album / track art.
  • Add your own customized color palettes to add your own flare into the music playing experience.
  • Or, you can use set color palettes already given to you. The Muviz Edge preset color palettes have enough variety for everyone to find one that they prefer.
Muviz Edge Mod Apk
  • Ultimately add a list of your favorite color palettes and rotate between them. Any color can be included to your favorites and used later in your personal color collection.

Control Your Own Visualizer Options

  • First of all, you have the ability to choose your own music source for visualization. Whether it be your Google Music, or any other music players available.
  • And, you can dim down the background and keep your screen on the entire time your visualizer is actively in use.
  • If you want to remove the Muviz Edge visualizer, you can have the effects hidden during specific apps. If you want to enjoy your game, but prefer to keep visualizer on your device, just have it hidden for a while.
  • On that note, you can select which apps will display visualizer and which won’t. The choice is ultimately up to you. You can play music and visualizers while using other apps. Or, you can choose to have the option completely hidden until you return to your music player application

Muviz Edge Mod APK Download for Android

Get the entirely new music visualizer experience and download the Muviz Edge Pro Mod APK for Android right now! The easy way to entertain yourself while playing music. The first ever integrated music visualizer for Android mobile devices.

Download Now

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