Timely Cleaner for WhatsApp

Timely Cleaner for WhatsApp

About this app
Do you manage WhatsApp’s (including GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Business) storage use, through deleting all the images, videos, voice notes, etc, that you don’t want ? This app was designed to make deleting those unwanted WhatsApp files as convenient as possible.
Take a look at the features and see for yourself. It’s so much better than using your standard file manager.

WhatsApp Cleaning Tips: By doing this, the storage of the smartphone will increase and WhatsApp will not hang

Is your WhatsApp also hanging or processing slow? If yes, then don’t worry. We tell you a simple way to solve this problem. Actually, what happens is that most of the WhatsApp users do not clean the content like unnecessary photos, videos and documents on their messenger platform and due to this, WhatsApp hangs. How do you clean WhatsApp? Let’s find out-

If you do not disable this feature of WhatsApp, then the space will be filled soon

Feature Summary:

• You don’t have to waste time selecting every WhatsApp media file that you want to delete.

• The cleaning process can be automated with a cleaning schedule.

• You can have the WhatsApp files you want to save be automatically moved to a folder of your choice, during the cleaning process (Android 5.0 and above).

If you’re like me, you probably have more WhatsApp files that you want to delete than the WhatsApp files which you want to save. This app was designed with that in mind, and so it works by letting you choose the files you want to save. Doing so will separate them from the files which you don’t want to keep. Managing your WhatsApp files will become effortless. Try it for yourself.

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