The Ultimate Samsung Customization – Good Lock 2021!

Android 10 is finally available on many recent Samsung smartphones with the OneI UI 2.0 update, but as many Samsung owners have discovered, the latest version of Android did not initially support the OneUI GoodLock customization app. Fortunately, the app was recently updated with support for Android 10 and One UI 2.0, now download the latest version from the Galaxy Store.

The Ultimate Samsung Customization - Good Lock 2021!

If you have not used this before, Good Lock is Samsung’s exclusive app, packed with various modules and widgets for Store Apps. Some highlights include:

  • Bixby Routines: Lets you create automated system routines with the Bixby assistant.
  • ClockFace: Includes several clock faces that can be applied to your lock screen and other clock widgets.
  • One Hand Operation +: Lets you modify and create new gesture controls.
  • QuickStar: Lets you change the look and layout of the status bar, notifications menu, and notification behaviors.
  • Sound Assistant: Lets you control volume, EQ balance, Bluetooth settings, and other audio options for individual apps.
  • Task Changer: Personalize your recent apps menu.
  • Theme Park: Make your own UI themes.

Curved-screen devices have many additional modules that allow you to control the range of the screen, from customizing hands-free car mode and more. Keep in mind that some modules have not yet been updated to Android 10 and One UI 2.0 – such as Lockstar, which allows you to customize the look and layout of the lock screen – so not all of them currently work, but you can get them now in the hope that they will be updated soon.

How to use Good Lock modules to customize your Samsung phone

The entire Good Lock module package will be included when downloading the Good Lock app directly from the Galaxy Store, but they will be available in pieces from the APK Mirror if you have sidelined the apps or live in an area where there is no full package. Available. For those who can not get the whole package at once, but do not want to install the module APKs one by one, XDA Developer Forums user has a special launcher called Xantrk NiceLock, which will download and install it all for you.

To use one of the modules, if you did not download and install Goodlock first, find the list of all the modules you downloaded and launch the application. Tap the module you want to use, and then adjust the settings as needed.

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