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What is Snack Video App? How to Play / Use Snack Video

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Snack video App , For who does not want to be famous on the internet, people spend more time on social media platforms for this, but short video apps are the only very simple and easy way that you can do in a few minutes. You can become famous on the internet because if you upload a video in short video apps and if that content becomes viral then you can also become famous.

Although there are many short video apps available on the internet, but only a few of them are such that work properly and one of those apps whose name is snack video app, I am going to tell about this in this article.

This is a very famous short video apps whose number of users is in millions, as you would know that Tiktok has been banned in India and the most popular app after Tiktok is the snack video app itself.

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Because its user interface is similar to Tiktok and in this app you get all categories like entertainment, funny, status etc videos which you can also share with your friends.

Snack Video App is a short video app in which you can create and upload your own videos, while recording content in this app, you can also make it better by using filters, Snack Video App provides users with every category like entertainment, status , Dialogue, Comedy, News, Games, Funny etc. All types of videos are found,

In this, you can scroll and watch all the videos and you can also like and comment on the video which you like, or if you like any content very much, then follow the creator who created that content. can

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And you can also share the video with your friends on social media sites, in this app you also get viral whatsapp status, many people like to upload full screen video in their whatsapp status.

And they use many apps and sites to search full screen video status, but in this app you get very good and viral WhatsApp status which you can download and share with your friends or your friends. You can also upload in status

Snack video app is the most popular app after the ban of Tiktok because as I told that its user interface is very simple and easy which is easily understood by all the people.

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And in this, any person can easily upload and create his own video, on which any person can like comment and if he likes the video made by the creator, then he can also follow you,

The number of users of Snack is in millions, that’s why you can become famous very easily in this app if you create content that people like, almost all people have some talent inside which someone has to sing. comes

So if you have any such talent dancing to someone, then if you want to show your talent to all the people, then you can do this with short video apps snack video app.

In this app, you can tell your talent in a video of 15 to 30 seconds and if people like your talent then people also like it and also comment and follow it so that you can become famous.

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Not only this, in the snack video app, you get to see endless amount of videos, and here you also get the snack trending page where you can watch videos made by popular creators,

As I told that this is a very popular short video apps and you will find this app in many mobiles because after the ban of Tiktok, most of the people started using snack video app,

Because there are such apps available on most of the internet in which only the option of uploading videos is available, there is no option to record, whereas videos can also be recorded in the snack video app. Not only English but also Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Rajasthani Odia etc. Indian languages ​​are also available in Snack App.

Snack Video App Ko Download Kaise Kare ?

Android users can download the snack app from Google Playstore, it has been downloaded by more than 100 million people and its rating is 4.2 and this app is only 45mb which you can easily download in any of your smartphone,

Snack Video App Ko Kaise Use Kare ?

select language in snack video app

Snack app is very easy to use, this app can be used easily when you download this app in your mobile, it asks you to select the language, here you will get Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Languages ​​like Bengali, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Oriya, Haryanvi etc. are available, you can choose whichever language you like and understand.

Snack video kaise use kare
  • Then the snack video app will open and here you will see thane, following, trending options in the top side and home, search, video icon, notification, profile etc. option will be seen in the bottom side. Takes location permission
  • Then here, all the people around you who use this snack video app, there are shows from which you can also do friendship, the people you have followed in the following
  • Those people have video shows, in trending you see all those videos which are in trend, at home you see all videos and scrolling can see new content, by clicking on search option any person in snack video app Or you can search by typing the name of your friend who can use this app,
  • By clicking on the notification icon, you can see who has liked your video and who has followed you, with the profile option, you can see the profile of your account, in which the list of following and followers is shown. .

Snack Account Kaise Banaye ? In Hindi

You can also watch videos in Snack Video App without creating an account, but if you want to like someone’s content or follow someone or create and upload a video in this app, then for this you have to create a snack video app account.

  • Creating an account in this app is not very difficult, you can create an account in the snack video app from your Facebook account, mobile number, Google account and you can easily use this app, for this follow the steps given below.
snack video app me account kaise banaye
  • First of all open snack video app then click on profile icon here some options will be seen like continue with facebook,continue with google,continue with phone option will appear if you want to login with facebook account then continue with facebook Choose the option, if you want to login to this app with google account, then choose the option of continue with google and if you want to create an account in this app from your mobile number then choose the option of continue with phone.
enter your mobile number and continue
  • On selecting the Facebook option, you will be asked to enter your Facebook email and password, then by clicking on the login option, you will be logged into the snack app, if you choose the phone number option, then you have to enter your 10 digit mobile number in your number. Do it and click on continue option.
  • Then a verification code will come on your number, after entering which you will be successfully login to this app.

In this way you can easily create a snack account.

Snack Video App Me Video Kaise Banaye ?

When you create an account in Snack App, then you can easily make videos in this app, for this you will not have to do much and you can record 15 to 30 seconds of video very easily, for this follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Snack Video App, then here you will see the plus icon in the center, click on it.
  • After clicking on the plus icon, this app will take permission from you for camera microphone etc., give permission by clicking on allow
  • Then here you can make your video better by using some options like flip, timer, beauty, speed etc, you can make the video in left air right with the flip option,
  • By using the timer option, you can put a timer in the video, you can add effects to it with beauty, you can add a song to the video by using the music option. And you can record your video by clicking on the center button.

Snack Video App Ko Kaise Chalaye ?

As I told that this app is very easy to use, anyone can easily run the snack video app.

Open this app, then here you will see the video in full screen, and some options will be seen in the left side.

best short video apps
  1. Like Icon – By using this option you can like any content.
  2. Comment icon – With this, any comment can be made on anyone’s content.
  3. Share icon – With this option you can share any content with your friends,
  4. Download – With this option you can download any content instantly.

Conclusion –

Snack video app must have come to know about it, although there are many other popular short video apps like Mauj, Josh, Roposo etc. are available on the Internet, but Snack App is such a short video app that has millions of users. And many people also use this app.


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