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Share The Meal App Review

Share The Meal App
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Share The Meal App Rview

ShareTheMeal connects people who want to help to people who are in need, allowing people to give a meal to a child just by tapping their phone. WFP believes that your cell phone can be a part of the solution, and is today launching an app, ShareTheMeal, for iOS and Android, that allows users to help children experiencing hunger with a simple two-taps on their fingers. Donations made via the ShareTheMeal app support WFPs broad array of operations, from capacity-building and school nutrition programs, to emergency food assistance.

ShareTheMeal is a crowd-funded app for fighting global hunger launched by the UNs World Food Program (WFP) in 2015. Each year, the World Food Program (WFP) provides food aid to more than 86 million people across 83 countries. With $0.50, it is possible to feed one child who has nothing to eat for one whole day in many countries, according to data collected by the UNs World Food Program (WFP).

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The WFP, which will take 5 cents of every donation to cover overhead, hopes that the app can pay for the annual cost of school meals for 20,000 Syrian children living in camps in Jordan. In the spring of 2016, Sharethemeal raised money to support 1,400 Syrian refugee children ages three through four in Beirut. ShareTheMeal conducted a pilot project in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland during summer 2015, providing 1.8 million school meals to children in Lesotho, with stories, videos, and images, led by Tsitsi Matope at the WFP Lesotho, the apps first fundraising goal.

These testimonials will emphasize the benefits, not experiences, of using ShareTheMeal, emphasizing how every user can help children and adults around the world fulfill their potential. Check the ShareTheMeal community section for Challenges that are being featured, challenges that are being hosted by you, or challenges that you are sponsoring. You can contribute a picture every day, everyday, and the app lets you see which causes reached their funding goals.

Users can also donate as much or as little as they like, and will be able to track their donations through the app, seeing where their money is going. Like ShareTheMeal, Tinboxs app allows money to be donated with a few taps of the phone, but just like Donate A Photo, funds are not drawn from a bank account. For each mile that Charity Miles finds that you have taken, using the phones motion sensors, a sponsor will make a donation to the charities that you choose to support.

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On Thursday, WFP launched a free smartphone app called ShareTheMeal, that will let iOS and Android users give 50 U.S. cents (35p) every time and anywhere they feel like it. The iOS and Android users give 50 U.S. cents (35p) each. The app allows users to give away life-saving food seamlessly to children and families across the globe. Fast forward to July 2022, the WFPs official donation app has reached 150 million meals served — heartening news as the WFP tackles 2022s record hunger.

Ratings and reviews:

1.Great app! Was looking for a good charity that is transparent about their finances and impact, and couldn’t find anything better. I love the work and I will continue to support for as long as this is running, keep up the good work.

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2.They’re pretty good at taking her money for donation. I reached an absolute dead end trying to get tech support after many many tries. My problem was that I opened a different PayPal account and their app kept rewarding to the other one I did not want to use. No matter how I tried to remove the old PayPal account their app just kept defaulting to it no matter what. I tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it and the same thing happened. Tried to contact tech support 3x with no help.

3.Excellent app. Love the fact that rather than just praying and sparing a thought for those less fortunate when sitting down to a meal; you can actually do something active to assist. Would have been 5*****, except that the ad’s are “misleading”: “With just a tap on your Smartphone…”, it’s actually more like seven taps,lol!?… 😅

4.I love this app. It’s pretty simple, which is great; and it allows me to donate what I can, when I can, with ease. If I skip buying a coffee, I can provide five meals for people who need them instead, in less time than I would be queuing. What’s not to love?

5.Personally I think the UI needs to move more towards the style in the Advert seen on Duo Lingo. Big button focusing on donating a meal. Single meal as a primary focus, when I buy my lunch I can open and share with someone else for the 0.80 cost that feels like nothing. Defaults should be set at that single meal not the £20 level which is a large amount that acts as an adoption barrier. All the related info goes lower on the page or further inside the app. Share not inform is the primary purpose

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