Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor: Explaining the problems, and how …

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are appreciated for their many features, but the general review for both devices revolves around the fingerprint scanner. This year, Google has chosen the in-display fingerprint scanner, which is fantastic in theory – it allows for edge-to-edge display, without having to worry about any screen real estate (or any real estate on the phone).

Although no one has complained about placing the scanner under the display (Google is number one in choosing such a design), reviewers and users have blocked the actual operation of the scanner. Many people say that it is too slow to feel comfortable, and since there is no option to scan the face here, you have to live with it or use your pin exclusively.

A new Pixel update improves the fingerprint sensor

Fortunately, the slow sensor seems like a thing of the past. On Tuesday, November 16th, an unexpected Pixel update states that the issue has been fixed or at least resolved. These phones have two new updates (SD1A.210817.037 and SD1A.210817.037.A1 (the “A1” update is for Verizon Pixel devices). At first it was not clear what these updates were for, but Verizon spilled the beans.

In the changelog for its A1 update, Verizon says, “The current software update improves the performance of your device’s fingerprint sensor.” While that description does not say “the fingerprint sensor is as fast as you want it to be” it is still a big step in the right direction.

To see if the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s in-display solution is now comparable to other similar designs on the market, you should check out the real world tests of the fingerprint sensor after this update. However, if you have any of these two devices, you should definitely update yours soon.

Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor: Explaining the problems, and how ...

How to update your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro

To get started, open the Settings app. Look at the bottom of this page and tap System> System Update. If the update is available, it will appear here. To install it, follow the on-screen instructions.

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