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Tips and tricks: How to Disable App Notifications in Android

There is a flood of notifications on the Android phone or tab.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other apps all send notifications to your email, phone, and sometimes even SMS.

Whether you need it or not, you have to bear all this. Do you need so many updates in so many ways?

If not, then first swipe down on your Android touchscreen, the screen that appears will have ‘Notifications’ written on it.

clear notification

How to Disable App Notifications in Android2

It will be accompanied by a ‘Clear’ button. Tapping this will cause all the notifications about the apps to disappear.

There is a free app on Google Play Store called ‘Notifications Auto Clear by Necta’ which will keep clearing your notifications.

By installing this, you can choose which app’s notifications you want to turn off.

If you want, you can selectively stop notifications for all apps.

how to change setting

How to Disable App Notifications in Android3

First go to Settings, then select General. After that scroll down and select the app from which to turn off notifications.

Now whatever app you choose, there is a box under Force Stop and Uninstall – Show Notifications.

Remove the tick mark from that box. Notifications will stop coming from that app.

Despite this, the flood of notifications on your email will not stop.

Many times even if you tell companies that you don’t want their emails, they will still find some excuse or the other to send you emails.

The easiest way to do this is to use the email for the app that you don’t use on the phone.


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