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Edge Light RGB Light Wallpaper

About this app
Introducing Edge Light – Border Light Live Lights Wallpaper app!

Android edge lighting colours wallpaper totally transforms your mobile screen by providing you with an impressive rgb border light background. In addition to adding smooth rgb round colour Edge Lighting wallpaper to your mobile screen, it also incorporates beautiful rgb round light led live light into your device screen. Borderlight colour galaxy lets you create custom edge lighting rounded corner wallpapers.

Edge Light RGB Light Wallpaper adds;
# Ring Light
# Rounded Corners
# Luces de colores
# Borderline Lights Wallpapers
# Wallpaper Borders

Among the many environs available in Edge Lighting Colours Wallpaper are settings to adjust the colour, shape, and width of the edge lighting, as well as to change the video wallpaper. A colourful, enchanting light shows on your screen with the Edge Light RGB Lights Wallpapers application. The application has a great user interface, which makes it super fun to use. In addition to adding a smooth, beautiful, and energy-saving round corner live light to your phone, this lighting app does not consume more battery power.

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In screen light, we worked hard to integrate the hottest features in the most seamless way.

Colourful Lights Wallpaper Edge Lighting Galaxy
When you receive incoming calls or new notifications, you will see colored effects run around your screen. Simply look at your phone to find out what is going on.

Customise options for user:
Speed of animation
Control duration of animation
Style of effects
Colour of effects
Thickness of round corners

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What devices are supported?
Edge Lighting Colours Wallpapers are compatible with any Android smartphone, including Lighting for Screen Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O, Display Notch, and New Infinity.

Custom borders are available for edge light border lights on different types of screens;
Edge light wallpaper borders
Edge light round light rgb width
Colourful light corners
You can configure star, heart, circle, emoji, dot as well as many other effects
You can use this for all Android devices including Galaxy S10, Galaxy Plus, Note 10 and others


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Screen decoration with lighting LED has never been so facile. Magical Edge Lighting wallpapers are available in more than 500 varieties with Round Border Light. The Edge Lighting wallpaper can be set on your mobile screen with a single click, and you can choose the spectral edge lighting colour borders you like.

Depending on the colour selected in the Edge Lighting app, it will show that specific colour.
Don’t you think this is absolutely wonderful?

Edge Light RGB Light Wallpaper Features
Screen decoration colourful lighting app
Borderlight round corner rgb
Wallpaper borders with screen light
Make rgb colour screen edge light your live wallpaper
Round corners can be adjusted in height and width to meet your needs
Borderline lights wallpaper colour galaxy
Borderlight thickness can be adjusted
Configure your mobile notch screen settings
Different border styles for brightness adjustment
The edge light curves should be rounded according to your mobile screen
Video wallpaper can be set to any picture in your gallery between the lighting edge screens
Display Edge lighting on multiple apps
Set corner opacity
Borderlight styles contain dot, heart, flower, etc.
Modern UI that keeps you engaged

Any wallpaper with customizable opacity can be used within border light. Wallpaper borders of different modern manners will not let you bore. Adding the Edge Light RGB Light Background to your device completely changes its appearance. Ring light colour galaxy has a lot to offer.

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It’s time to try the Edge Light RGB Light Wallpaper app and share your experience with us in the comments box below.

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