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20 apps that you must have on your Android smartphone

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Android is the most popular operating system in the world. There are more than 1.5 million apps in this ecosystem. These can be known in detail through Google Play Store. The options with the user are so many that he gets confused for a moment.

The first question is which of these should be downloaded and which are not. Which app to use depends largely on your personal needs. However, there are some essential apps that every phone should have. We have compiled a list of such apps for you that you must use on your Android phone.


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1. Facebook

The era is of social media. This is the most simple and efficient way to keep in touch with each other today. Facebook profile has now become a separate identity for every user. Apart from this, the content on Facebook is also enough to keep any user engaged for a long time.

2. WhatsApp / Telegram / Facebook Messenger
The role of messaging apps cannot be overstated in this age of internet. In terms of popularity, there is no match between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, although the real fun of using them is when your friends are also present on this platform. On Facebook Messenger, all the friends who usually use Facebook will be found. And on WhatsApp, all the friends present in your phone’s contact list will be found. However, many more platforms exist. Of these, Telegram is also another option.

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3. VLC Player / MX Player
Now users use mobile phones for entertainment, an important part of which is video. For this we would suggest that you use MX player or VLC player in your mobile. You get many powerful features in MX Player and it is also easy to use. Its viewer page is very clean. It comes with multiple swipe gestures. If you are looking for an all-in-one media player then VLC player will not disappoint you. This player will play almost every file. Apart from mp3 and mp4 formats, this player can also play formats like mkv and flac easily.

4. Cleaner
To keep the phone fit, it is important that its health is constantly taken care of. To do this, you should keep clearing the cache of your phone continuously. For this, definitely install the Ccleaner app on your phone.

5. Truecaller
You will be aware of the Truecaller app. If not, then we will tell you about it. Whenever you get a phone call from an unknown number, this app tells the identity of that unknown person. The app generates contact details by accessing the address book of all its users’ smartphones. Now that spam calls are flooded, we suggest you install this app as well.

6. AVG Antivirus / 360 Security
In the last decade, we have become addicted to the Internet. We have become completely dependent on it. And some people want to take advantage of our compulsion. In such a situation, the role of antivirus tools increases. As time has passed, the danger has become more and more serious. In such a situation, antivirus software has also been prepared for every new threat. We recommend that you install AVG Antivirus or 360 Security software on your phone.

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7. Twitter (as a news app)
We believe that Twitter is a good platform to keep up with the news today. As a conscious user, you must be aware of the news. In such a situation, you may be confused about which media house’s app to use. We would suggest that you install Twitter and follow the Twitter handles of select media houses. Then see how easily Twitter will become a news platform for you.

8. Aldeco E-Book Reader
Smartphones have made our lives smart. And gradually people’s style of reading also became smart. Ebooks have become very popular since the advent of smartphones. So let us tell you that in today’s date there are many great apps for reading eBooks on Android. One of these is the Aldeco eBook reader app. Aldeco is a very simple and clean Android eBook reader app. In this you will be able to use epub, pdf and Adobe DRM encrypted e-books files.

9. Youcam Perfect Camera App
We love ourselves too much. In such a situation, expect your photos to be good. YouCam Perfect was created specifically for taking selfies (beautification tools and tips). With this app, wrinkles, dry skin and other blemishes can be removed in a few seconds. Apart from this, with some great tools, you can also re-shape many parts of your body like nose, eyes. This option from Youcam Perfect gives a similar feel to plastic surgery.

10. Offline Dictionary
No one knows the meaning of every word. This is where the dictionary comes in handy. We would suggest that you install a dictionary on your phone, especially a dictionary that works even in offline mode.

11. Payment Wallet App
No one likes to carry a lot of money in their wallet. Apart from this, the trend towards online payment has been increasing. That’s why there are Paytm wallets like Paytm, Freecharge and MobiKwik in the market. With the help of these wallets, you can easily recharge your phone and DTH. Apart from this, payment in many stores can also be done through these wallets, that is, getting rid of the tension of keeping more cash together. At the same time, Paytm is also an online store where you can buy a variety of products.

12. Zomato / Foodpanda / Zomato Orders
Who does not feel hungry and who does not like discounts on good food. Now when it comes to food, it is worth mentioning such an app where users can easily choose from different types of restaurants. We recommend that you install either Foodpanda or Zomato on your phone. On this pretext hunger will also disappear.

13. Nova Launcher Nova Launcher
is the best launcher for Android devices. It has its own unique material design. Nova Launcher replaces your home screen, with complete control over it. You can customize it however you like, whether to change the icons, layout and animations. You will have all the options.

14. Ola/Uber
To make your journey pleasant, definitely install the cab booking app on your phone. Out of these, you should install only those apps whose service is best in your city. In metros, any app from Ola or Uber will work. But Ola will prove to be more effective in smaller cities.

15. Call recorder app
, when did you talk to whom on the phone. There should be proof of this. Do you know when you need it? Or if someone has given details of the things studied in class on the phone itself, then you will definitely want to record that conversation. We suggest that you also keep a call recorder app.

16. Indic Keyboard / SwiftKey
There are many apps in the Android Play Store to make typing easier on the phone. We recommend that you use either Google’s Indic keyboard or Swiftkey. With both the keyboards, you will be able to type in Hindi easily.

17. Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal
e-shopping is great for those users who believe in profitable deals. In such a situation, you should definitely install the app of one e-commerce site. The good thing is that you will be able to take advantage of the sale organized on these platforms.

Entertainment Many people like to watch movies or live entertainment shows in theaters. Bookmyshow is the best platform to buy their tickets.

19. Wink/Gana/Saavn
entertainment has many means. One of these is the music store platform. Wink/Gana/Saavn are some of the few apps on which you can listen to songs for free. All you need is internet. The funny thing is that you will also find new songs in these apps.

20. Cleartrip/MakeMyTrip/Skyscanner
You must also have a travel app on your phone to make air travel smoother. With the help of these apps, you will also be able to buy cheap tickets.

21.Keep Notes

The Keep Notes app, found on the Google Play Store, works like a digital diary. In this app you can note down important and important things. Check list option is also available in this app, in which you can make other important list from grocery to household. This app is user friendly, in this you get the option to create lists and notes in different colors as well. You can also draw in Keep Notes. There is also an option to save photos with text in the app.

Apart from all these apps, Google has some of its own apps which are already installed on the mobile. These include apps like Google Drive, Maps, Chrome and Play Music. These apps are also very useful. The good thing is that they are constantly updated as they are made by Google.

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