How To Stop Call Recording Voiceover?

How To Stop Call Recording Voiceover?


There are many apps for recording phone conversations with your smartphone. If you have an Android phone, Rev Call Recorder is one of the best call recording apps on the Google Play Store. Once installed, the app automatically records all outgoing and incoming calls without notifying who you are recording. Depending on the laws of your jurisdiction, you may need to give advance notice to the person you want to register. You can now log your calls in the Google Dialer app without any call log reminders.


By using OnePlus’ stock dialer, you can get rid of the annoying call recording alert even if you can’t turn it off in Google’s dialer. In order to turn off the call recording alert on any Realme phone using the Google Dialer app, you need to replace it with the Realmes phone app, which used to be the default app. Use may result in Google Phone or the dialer being unable to create an audio file to play as a call recording announcement, resulting in muted audio. The Google phone or dialer plays “This call is being recorded” with a pre-announcement for both parties as soon as you start recording the call.

From the Realmes phone app, you can record any call on your phone without hurting the other person. The advantage of using the ACR phone dialer is that you don’t need to install call recording apps and the apps will automatically stop running in the background. You can simply download the ACR phone dialer using the download button below, just complete the setup and select the options on the app, where you can see the call recording option. Rev Call Recorder is different and allows you to record calls made through VOIP app and calls made through mobile phone dialer app.


You can also record calls automatically using the auto record option. When disabled, you can record call audio on any OnePlus phone, including OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 9R, OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus Nord and many more. Well, using the recording function from the stock Xiaomi app that is installed on your device, you cannot turn off the call recording announcement. Using OnePlus Dialer will allow you to dismiss notifications.


Best of all, it won’t disturb you or the other person with an audible alert every time a call is recorded. Callers will be notified in advance that your phone call is being recorded. If you have turned on the Enable recording option in your Google Voice settings and accidentally press the 4 key on your phone, you will hear this message.


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