How To Record Video With Earphone Mic | ANDROID TECH KUMAR

How To Record Video With Earphone Mic


There are currently two paid video recording apps that allow users to record video using Airpods or any other Bluetooth microphones and external microphones. Fortunately, there are several video recording apps that allow you to use an external or even wireless microphone. If you’re using your phone to shoot video or record conversations, an external mic will have an advantage over the built-in mic.

How To Record Video With Earphone Mic | ANDROID TECH KUMAR

To set up your AirPods microphone to record video from your PC, you need to pair your AirPods with your Windows PC. Setting up the Apple AirPods microphone to record video on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows is not as difficult as you might think.


Once you manage to set the AirPods microphone as the default microphone, it will be more convenient to record videos since AirPods are wireless. When it comes to video recording, the default video recording app on your smartphone may not allow it to act as the default microphone.


On Android phones, it’s just the “camera mic” and it should use the mic next to the rear camera or the selfie camera, whichever you use. For iPhone and Android, you can connect a microphone (or a Bluetooth headset with a microphone) wirelessly so that it appears in the microphone selector. You can connect a 3.5mm mic to the USB port using an iMic 3.5 to USB adapter or a USB mixer with a 3.5mm mic input. For the best sound, you can connect something like a Rode directional microphone, which connects directly to your phone and plugs into the headphone jack.


You can literally point a directional microphone at a sound source to locate the source of the sound. Then you can click the “Start Recording” button to start screen recording using the microphone to record audio. When you’re done with the screen recorder, you can click on the red clock at the top of the screen, or open the Control Center again and stop recording by clicking the same button you originally clicked to record video.

How To Record Video With Earphone Mic | ANDROID TECH KUMAR

In the audio settings panel, you can also enable “Video Only” to record without audio, which is good if you’re using an external audio recorder to capture audio. After closing the audio options menu, the Recording tab of the Audio menu will still be open. Our guide below will show you where to find and enable enable so you can start adding sounds to screen recordings.


Luckily, the screen recording tool is easy to use and records great videos, but you may experience audio issues. If you put on headphones while recording your screen, you probably won’t hear anything on the video. If you don’t have good sound, recording will be a waste of space.


If you’re serious about making your video and voice recordings sound top-notch, you’ll need to invest in the best recording microphone. Given the hardware limitations of your phone’s microphone, there is very little that a specialized recording program can do. Whether you want to use your phone as a voice recorder to record personal notes, meetings, or impromptu sounds around you, all you need is a recording app.


If recording audio will be your phone’s primary use, consider using an iPhone on an Android or Windows phone. Some microphones designed for use with iPhone and USB hosts may record in stereo; Overall, the iPhone is way ahead of Android when it comes to audio recording. Newer phones have two or three microphones, but they differ slightly in their audio recording capabilities.


Note that the power of these mics is quite low, so they probably can’t capture low or distant sounds without adding a lot of mic noise. The smartphone’s built-in microphone cannot match the sound quality of external microphones, or even high-quality headphones and earphones. The built-in microphone of smartphones has improved a lot in recent years and can do a pretty good job when used for audio and video recording.

How To Record Video With Earphone Mic | ANDROID TECH KUMAR

In previous versions of the app, the voice recorder could only record sound through the phone’s built-in microphone. It also lets you decide if you only need to record through all or one of your phone’s microphones. With Recforge II (Android only), you can adjust the recording format and bitrate by touching the menu button (three lines) in the upper left corner and opening the settings.


You can turn on the microphone while recording your iPhone screen to unmute by opening Control Center, pressing and holding the Screen Recording button, and then pressing the Microphone button. If you’re an Android user with multiple microphones on your phone, you’ll need to wait for Filmic Pro to update the app on the Play Store before you can select a microphone to record audio. I know that you can record audio from a bluetooth headset with an app like this.


I did an experiment where I started recording audio with a bluetooth recording app and then tried to record a video. The problem of sound recording through Bluetooth headset and phone microphone will be solved. There are a lot of apps that are great at recording with your phone’s microphone, but very few apps record with a Bluetooth headset.

How To Record Video With Earphone Mic | ANDROID TECH KUMAR

While iRig Mic Cast works well, this device requires a 3.5mm audio jack – if your phone doesn’t have one, you’ll need a USB-C or Lightning adapter. Also, some USB microphones and audio interfaces require more power than your phone can provide, so you may need a powered USB hub to work properly. The Rode VideoMic Me cardioid mini gun mic in particular also has a headphone jack, so you can hear what you’re recording through your headphones and know exactly what you’re shooting.


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