How to Record Calls on Your Android Phone

Sometimes — and for reasons not including future threat plans — you need to record your phone calls. Maybe you interview someone on the phone and then want to see the call or talk to a shady company that denies your call details without proof. However, Android users have previously been able to turn to call recording applications to get the job done. Unfortunately, Google has decided to remove your favorite third-party options, making the process even more difficult.

How to Record Calls on Your Android Phone

On Wednesday, April 20, Google confirmed that the company would stop third-party applications from recording phone calls on Android by revoking permissions for the Accessibility API. The news was highlighted by Reddit user NLL-APBS, who explained that this is not the first time Google has moved against allowing call recording on Android.

In the Android 6 era, the company blocked access to real call logs. Later, on Android 10, the company stopped recording calls using the device’s microphone. Following that move, call recording apps were launched using Android’s accessibility API to record phone conversations. Even if you do not have direct access to your phone calls or your Android microphone, you can use this method to record your calls and create apps that you can use appropriately. Or when Google blocks access to the Accessibility API on Android, this task message will not work.

The changes will take effect on May 11, until which time you can use third-party options. If you’re planning to do this on or after May 11, we’ll look at ways to record calls on your Android without using third-party apps.

How to record calls on Android without a third-party app

First, check if your mobile’s default call app has a call recording feature. Google allows first-party pre-loaded dialer applications to record calls, and that will not change until May 11. These applications access the audio source (called VOICE_CALL) of the phone call which is not available in all other applications. Get access to VOICE_CALL on Android, such as Google Pixel devices and Xiaomi phones: If you have any of these or another Android phone with this capability, you’re ready.

The second thing you need to do is check if you live in a country that supports this feature, if you have a pixel. Unfortunately, Google is blocking call recording for pixels in the United States.

If you do not have this feature in your phone’s dialer application or you live in a country where the feature is not available, you need to be a little tricky. The simple solution is to put your calls on the speakerphone and set up another device to record from there. It’s a bit obvious and almost not convenient, but you end up with a record on your call.

If you need to record a call directly on your phone, rooting your Android is a more sophisticated option. Routing allows you to access systems that you normally do not have access to, i.e. allow applications such as call recorders, except for restrictions that Google normally implements. This process is involved and may be redundant for most users. Some applications will not work even if they find the root. However, it’s worth mentioning, for now, it may be the only way to record phone calls directly on your Android. To get started, NLL-APPS recommends “Call Recorder” with skvalex.

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