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How to earn money from Google Opinion Rewards?

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Friends, in today’s post, we are going to know what is Google Opinion Rewards and how by using it you can download many e-books, paid apps and movies from Google Play Store for free.

Along with this, any paid service of Google can be accessed without money. So let us know what is Opinion Rewards and how you can use it to earn money-

1)• What is Google Opinion Rewards? (What is Google Opinion Rewards):

Opinion means opinion and reward means reward. In this way Google Opinion Rewards means in simple language- “You give your opinion to Google and in return Google will give you some reward.” 

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2)• How do I earn money from Opinion Rewards? (Earn From Opinion Rewards):

Now perhaps the question may arise in the minds of many of you that what kind of opinion do we have to give to Google? And after all, why does a company like Google need our opinion? So look, Google is such a company whose entire business is based on advertisements i.e. in simple words, Google earns the most money from advertisements. Now to show good ads, Google should have accurate information about your likes and dislikes, then only they can show you good ads. That is, if a person likes books, then he should be shown the ad of books only; It is possible that he may even buy those books. It should not happen that a person has no relation with fashion far and wide and you are just showing him fashion ads !! By doing this the chances of selling the goods will be negligible.

Now Google, through its opinion rewards, gives you some Google Purchasing Credit and asks you some simple questions of personal likes and dislikes, which you have to answer correctly, because the kind of answer you give, the same kind of ads will give you You will be able to see all the services of Google (Youtube, Gmail and Websites ). Some such questions are asked in Google Opinion Rewards-

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3)• How to use Google Opinion Rewards? (Use Google Opinion Rewards):

[A]. How to Create Google Opinion Rewards Account? (Create Opinion Rewards Account)-

1. First of all you have to download Google Opinion Rewards from Play Store. 2. After installing it, when you open Opinion Rewards, some instructions come in front of you. You have to skip reading them and keep doing DONE at the end. 3. After this, the Gmail IDs that are open in your phone are seen in front of you. Out of which you have to select any one ID. 4. After this Google asks some questions to get some personal information about you. Like- Do you accept term and condition? (I understand); Your Gender; Age; Postal Code (PIN), Languages, Annual Average Income. You have to fill in all the correct answers. 5. After this you see the Dashboard of Opinion Rewards, where you see ₹ 0.00 written.

6. After this you have to go to the blue color ANSWER SURVEY link given above. Then there are some questions given to know your opinion on international issues, which you have to answer. 7. As soon as the survey is over, some Play Credit comes to your Google Account, which you can spend to buy any paid service from Google Play Store.

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[B]. How to Use Google Rewards (How To Use Opinion Rewards & Spend Your Play Credit)?

1. The first survey is not personal.. After this, whatever surveys come to you, they are either personal or related to the places where you have ever been. (eg- Restaurant, Picnic Spot, College) 2. There is no fixed time for the survey to come. They can come anytime. If you keep your phone’s location ON, the chances of getting a survey are high. 3. Answer the questions asked in the survey correctly. You can get less credit if the answer is wrong. 4. You can buy any paid item from Playstore for free within 1 year by depositing the credits received from the survey. Remember after one year your credits automatically expire.

So friends, this was our today’s post. How did you like this post named Google Opinion Rewards Pay Account / How to use & make account on Opinion Rewards , please tell through comment and also share it with your friends…

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