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Nom Plant is a relatively simple game to start playing. The player touches the screen and slides their finger back and forth to avoid obstacles and collect treats. The longer the player does this successfully, the taller the plant grows.  At the end of each level, the player receives coins. Coins can be used to purchase new pots for their plant.

Nom Plant has in-app purchases for removing ads, as well as VIP membership. After completing several levels, the player may choose to watch an ad and receive a magic bean. After a certain amount of time, it grows into a new plant. There are also ads to earn free pots or double coins. The ESRB rated this game E for Everyone and LW4K stands by this rating.

Nom Plant helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

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Self-ControlNom Plant

Managing our actions, feelings, and behaviors.

Nom Plant requires the player to make a lot of split-second decisions as new obstacles come on screen. Because of this, the game allows the player many opportunities to exercise self-control. Fast decision-making can cause the player to get jumpy. If they don’t control this impulsive attitude, they will be more likely to over react and bump into obstacles. Even if they control impulsive, twitchy behavior, they may still bump into obstacles. If this happens repeatedly on the same level, the player may get frustrated and angry. Once again, controlling these strong emotions is important for the player to be able to play to the best of his or her ability. If he or she does not exercise good self-control, the player will be unable to advance through the levels.

Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

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No matter what the player does, the plant in Nom Plant moves forward at a steady pace. There are also some obstacles that move back and forth across the screen. Because of this, the player is afforded the chance to practice keeping pace and time management skills. If they don’t keep the plant’s pace and the obstacles’ pace in mind,  the plant will collide with an obstacle. The player will then have to restart the level. If they can’t complete levels, they have no chance to earn new magic beans.

About this game

Grow long and eat coins in Nom Plant! Avoid obstacles while growing your plant in any direction to get a high score! How long can you grow?
* One touch controls
* Smooth gameplay
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