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Galaxy UNPACKED 2022 – The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

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Samsung hosted its annual unlocked event this morning, where it announced the boat launch of new products including three versions of its new flagship device, the Galaxy S20, and yes, the new version of its foldable phone called the Galaxy Z Flip.

Galaxy UNPACKED 2022 - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

I went to the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, grabbed the mask (thanks to the Corona virus Samsung sent them), and got our first look at all the new stuff.

Here is a solution to what you need to know.

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Galaxy Z Flip

The Galaxy Z Flip is the phone that will get the most attention from today’s event, but you are less likely to actually buy it. Like Motorola’s foldable razor, the phone folds in half in the clamshell. Samsung claims that the glass is strong enough to bend 200,000 times.

Galaxy UNPACKED 2022 - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

The device has an OLED display of approximately 6.7 inches and a 22: 9 aspect ratio. It has a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of built-in storage.

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When it is closed, you can see the important information displayed in the small window on the outside. You can also take a selfie with the cover closed, using the exterior view as a viewfinder.

The device has a “Flex mode” which allows it to be opened from different angles like a laptop. Like a laptop, it can display different information at the top and bottom of the screen when you use it from different angles. For example, you can watch the YouTube video above and comment below.

It sells for slightly less than Motorola’s $ 1,499 Razr for $ 1380, and comes with a deep discount from Samsung’s own $ 1980 Galaxy Fold and comes in three “glass” colors: purple, black, and gold. It will be available on February 14th.

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Galaxy S20

Samsung announced three different versions of its new flagship S20 this morning: the S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. If that number seems a bit low, it’s because Samsung has decided to skip 11-19 on phone models (last year’s S10).

The phones will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chips and will be capable of supporting 5G, though most of the country is not yet available.

All phones have a 120 Hz display. The S20 features a 6.2-inch display, the S20 Plus a 6.7-inch display and the S20 Ultra a 6.9-inch display.

On the surface, the phones look like last year’s S10; However, the cameras have received a very serious upgrade. The S20 and S20 + have a 64-megapixel camera and the S20 Ultra has a 108-megapixel camera. All three phones are capable of capturing 8k video, which is illuminated on Samsung’s 8k TVs. Samsung was so confident in the quality of that video that it broadcast today’s event live from S20 devices.

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The cameras also have a new feature called “Space Zoom”. According to Samsung, “Even if you are far away, you can zoom in closer. Samsung claims that the AI-powered zoom is 30 times closer.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra will begin on February 21, 2020, with unlocked versions by Carrier and Samsung starting March 6. These phones are priced at $ 999, $ 1,199 and $ 1,399 respectively.

Galaxy Buds+

Samsung also announced the new version of its Galaxy Buds this morning. They look just like last year’s model, but they have dual battery life and improved noise cancellation, although they do not cancel out real noise.

Galaxy UNPACKED 2022 - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

Buds has two speakers for listening and three microphones for calls; So you have a better chance of hearing who you are talking to and having them listen to you.

The battery in the device now lasts for 11 hours and is compatible with iOS so you can share them with your iPhone friends or use them with your iPad.

The pods are charged wirelessly and charge fast so you get an hour of juice within 5 minutes.

Butts + will be available on February 14 for $ 149.

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