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How to Record With the Screen Turned off in Android

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How to Record With the Screen Turned off in Android

Androids don’t allow you to natively record videos with the screen turned off. Without using a third-party tool, the closes you can get is to turn your brightness down  as low as possible. Of course, this isn’t quite as effective as actually being able to hide your screen.

To take it a step further, you’ll need to use a third-party app. Here are a few apps that can record with the screen turned off in Android.

screen off camera

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Since the app can start and end recording without having to touch a single button. No one will ever know you recorded a video right in front of them. The app has its own gallery where you can view your recordings. Still, they will also be available in the gallery app you’ve always used. If you do want to record with the app open and the screen on, the app won’t show you what you’re recording on your screen.

Security Settings

There’s no point recording in secret if someone sees the video. In the app’s settings, you’ll also find useful security features such as adding a password to the app, hiding the video from your device’s gallery.

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Record video background, float
About this app
background video recorder can be turned off screen when recording video:
– Turn off the screen to save battery power (record background video)
– Easy to move when traveling, you can put it in your pocket.
– Support managing and cutting videos.
– Support saving video on SD card.
– Support zoom
– Floating preview

Quick User Guide:

Detailed instructions

CameraBR: camera background record when offscreen –

Email: howdo.note123@gmail.com
Website: https://hayhayapps.com/
Page: https://www.facebook.com/cameratacnghiep/

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Final Thoughts

It’s easier to get away with recording something when everyone thinks that the phone is off. This app will help you record as many videos as you need without anyone noticing. After using the app, let us know if you completed your mission successfully in the comments below.

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