5 Best Cheap Vps Hosting in india

5 Best Cheap Vps Hosting

WebDock is the ultimate all-in-one offering hosting services for VPSs as well as cloud storage lane with highly affordable pricing plans. LiquidWeb offers managed VPS services, so if you need more resources and horsepower than you would get from your usual shared or reseller hosting plans, but you do not want the headaches of managing a server by the command line, it may be perfect for you. While VPS hosting does not generally provide the same speed, stability, and scale that cloud and dedicated servers provide, it is a step up from shared plans.

It is better for businesses who need a hosting plan that provides more server capacity, features, and flexibility than shared servers, without the cost tag of dedicated servers. The best VPS hosting providers provide a physical shared server, but one less congested than shared hosting servers, and assigns you a separate portion of the cores, bandwidth, RAM, and storage. Aside from having a private server all to yourself, a VPS gives you a lot more resources–RAM, storage, and CPU cores–than a shared or cloud-based host.

Many shared-hosting providers over-provision their servers (they host more websites than a server can efficiently handle), but some of the cheaper VPS servers provide guaranteed resources and completely contained slices of servers, which results in better performance and security. You can choose from cloud-based or managed hosting — either offers better performance than the bare-bones shared hosts, but without the complications of VPS servers. Bluehosts VPS plans provide a broad array of hosting options, catering to almost any websites needs.

While A2 Hosting offers all of the basic features that you will need in a VPS host, like being able to use cPanel, a Linux operating system, and even root access, their main selling point is providing unmatched server speeds, unmatched by any other hosting company. DreamHost does not offer a managed VPS service, so if you are looking to configure a custom server, opt for an A2 Hosting or InMotion VPS instead. Also, their base VPS plans start out with relatively high RAM and 2 CPU cores, so you are also not going to get the lowest price on unmanaged hosting — as opposed to, say, DreamHost.

InMotion Hostings base VPS plan costs $24.99 per month for two years, far from the cheapest options out there. Hostinger offers 6 different plans for its VPS hosting services, and you can select one that fits the needs of your site. Kamatera is a cloud services platform provider offering a large range of flexible cloud-based VPS solutions for web hosting.

One of the advantages of A2 Hosting is that, apart from being a budget-friendly VPS hosting platform, A2 Hosting provides various customisation options for managing and configuring your servers. At $6.87/month (for an annual plan) for a VPS SSD 2 pack, it includes a local RAID-1, 40GB SSD space, one vCore, and unique to this pricing, 4GB RAM, four times more than Alibaba Cloud or Ionos provides.

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